We believe in partnerships, and the power of shared risk and reward.

Our business has been built on our ability to create commercially successful products, with partners who see value in innovation.

We work best with people who understand that great products are the result of an intensely collaborative and iterative process, and who know that excellence requires commitment to that process as well as a leap of faith in a vision that may at first be uncomfortable.

New ideas are inherently different from what we know. To be different means to leave behind the known and venture into the new and unknown.

The model we feel best suits our work is a true risk/reward partnership based on a retainer plus royalty agreement that compensates us for success commensurately with the degree of that success.  We ask for a commitment retainer for exactly that reason, commitment.

Our belief in this model is strong – we have over 20 years of experience with companies in a wide range of industries from lighting to appliances and furniture, and we have seen the benefits to both partners.

For us, this arrangement creates an implicit motivation to take our partners’ objectives and constraints seriously, and the penalty for not doing so is significant.

For our partners, this model makes resources available for investments in tooling, promotion and advertising when those things are most important, and defers expense for our services until our contributions are creating revenue.

Although this model is our preference for most engagements, we acknowledge that it is not appropriate to all companies or industries, and if we feel that there is a better way to create a mutually beneficial relationship we are open to discussion.

Most importantly, we want to work with people who are committed to excellence and interested in doing great things – together.