We love beauty, in all of its forms and manifestations.

The way sunlight dances across the ocean, and the rhythm of energy forming water into waves at land’s edge.

The poetry of Bob Dylan and the melodies of Ottmar Liebert.

The art of Pablo Picasso, Ferdinand Porsche, Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive.

The work of Charles and Ray Eames, Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick, Buckminster Fuller, and Nils Diffrient.

Elegance and restraint, refinement and sophistication – in narrative, form, finish and materiality.

When we imagine something new and work to bring that vision forth from our minds and into the world, we are inspired by those that came before, and by some that share our time and our journey.

That inspiration drives us to create stories, objects and experiences that create smiles, that make lives better, and that leave this world a little more beautiful place.

We also understand business, and take our responsibilities to our partners’ objectives very seriously.

While we strive to be artful in our endeavors, we never confuse art with commerce.