Question to find insight. Look deeper, to see differently.

Listen closely to hear what’s truly important.

Create beauty that tells a story, and experiences that create connection.

Whether your venture is just starting out or your brand is well established, we can help you find a unique voice and vision for the future. We possess the experience, talent and passion to help your company find a more powerful and effective way to position your brand, and to grow your business through innovative product development.

Our collaborations typically begin with discussion and research to help us understand how your brand is perceived by your customers and relative to your competitors. We look to the past and present to find a way forward, and to plot a course toward differentiation and competitive advantage.

In this time when brands are manifested through stories and artifacts that are intrinsically bonded, we believe it is critical to discover the red thread of personality and intent that runs from who you are to what you do, and to make each expression of that aspiration a cohesive, considered reinforcement of your promises to your stakeholders. This is the cornerstone of a compelling brand strategy, and whether your business is service or product driven, your strategy will most certainly determine your outcome.

Exploration informed by knowledge and insight gained through research, channeled and directed by a strong brand strategy, leads to discovery of opportunities for meaningful innovation and invention.

Decades of experience in the broadest range of design, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing methods and materials gives us the fluency and competence to translate our proposals from conceptual to fully detailed and refined data sets, ready for tooling, fabrication, assembly and delivery.

Our work often continues through product development and introduction to include support for marketing and promotion, as appropriate for each of our partners’ unique circumstances.

Although much of our work has been in the furniture industry, we consider ourselves generalists in the best sense of the word, and we believe our processes, skills and experience can apply to any industry where design thinking can help drive business success.